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Although new exploration is expected to bounce back from 2018 levels, the OGUK has cautioned that drilling activity continues to stand at a “record low rate” and supply chain firms remain under significant financial stress.

Expert Insight

Block Energy Plc, the exploration and production company focused on the Republic of Georgia, is pleased to report an increase in production rate at its 100%-held Norio field, where the Company is implementing a multi-well workover programme.

Maria Moræus Hanssen, CEO, DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG

A sustainable business strategy contains a clear reflection of the implications of climate change and steps to reduce the carbon footprint of the industry while staying competitive during the energy transition.

2019 Global Survey

Last year, 2,456 executives from 48 countries participated in our annual survey. Download the full report to get a snapshot of some of the hopes, fears and beliefs of our network as they look into 2019.

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Most banks operating in the upstream energy sector in the US have a portfolio of RBL borrowers and are generally comfortable financing within the confines of a typical RBL structure. However, a typical RBL financing in the US cannot be instated unless a company is already producing.

Nicola Adams, Exploration Manager Asia Pacific New Ventures & India, BP

Our data shows that we are doing pretty well at recruiting young women, but the energy sector has not historically done as well at enabling them to progress into senior leadership roles.

Data-driven - Siemens

A case study shows how advanced condition-monitoring technologies – plus analytical expertise – can optimise maintenance of mission- critical equipment in offshore environments, while lowering cost and improving safety.

Tor Langoy, Managing Director, BD Global Capital

BD Globe Capital has been providing investment and smart capital solutions to the energy sector worldwide for years now, we have a particular focus at present on ‘upstream Nigeria’.

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